Top 5 Rye Whiskey Values

Today, we’re calling out our top five value whiskeys, specifically focusing on rye whiskey. When we talk about value, we are referring to whiskeys that offer versatility, making them suitable for both drinking neat or in cocktails. To make things easier, we have set a couple of rules for our selection. Firstly, we have tried to avoid picking whiskeys that are sourced. Secondly, we have chosen whiskeys that are widely available, though not necessarily readily available.

Old Forester Rye

old forester rye whiskey

Starting with the least expensive whiskey on our list, we have Old Forester Rye. It is 100 proof and sells for around $26 locally. This whiskey offers notes of cherry, citrus zest, brown sugar, bananas, and cloves. It is a personal favorite, with a unique tongue-tingling sensation that we associate with the renowned dancer Michael Flatley. If you enjoy the Old Forester profile, we believe you will appreciate this whiskey.

Wild Turkey 101 Rye

wild turkey 101 rye whiskey

Moving on, we have Wild Turkey 101 Rye, which costs about $30 for a full liter. This whiskey is considered a great value at 101 proof, and delivers flavors of caramel, honey, baking spices, oak, and rye spice. It is a versatile whiskey that can be enjoyed both in cocktails and neat. Additionally, it is an excellent choice for sharing around a campfire.

Old Overholt 114 Rye

old overholt 114 rye whiskey

Next on the list is Old Overholt 114 Rye. Priced at $33, it offers a rich flavor profile of cinnamon, rye spice, cherry, leather, and oak. Despite the affordable price, this whiskey provides immense satisfaction and flavor, making it an impressive value for money. It may not be available everywhere, but it can often be found hidden away on the bottom shelf, waiting to be discovered.

Michter’s Single Barrel Rye

michter's single barrel rye whiskey

Following that, we have Michter’s Rye. This whiskey has a unique taste resembling oatmeal raisin cookie dough, featuring cinnamon, breadiness, and rye spice. Some may find it slightly musty, but for $48 and 84.8 proof, the flavors are unique and appealing. This whiskey may not cater to everyone’s taste, but for those who appreciate its distinctive flavor profile, it is worth considering.

Pikesville Rye

pikesville rye whiskey

Lastly, we have the Pikesville Rye from Heaven Hill. This whiskey, priced around $50 for a 110 proof, six-year-aged bottle, delivers a nostalgic old-timey dining experience. It offers flavors reminiscent of cherry cola, red licorice, vanilla milkshakes, and fudgy cake with mint sprigs. Pikesville Rye is an excellent value rye that has a permanent place on our shelves.

We encourage you to share your favorite value rye whiskeys in the comments below. Remember, the key is finding whiskeys that offer quality and satisfaction without breaking the bank. From wherever we are to wherever you are, Cheers!

Top 5 Rye Whiskey Values

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