What are the Most Underrated Bourbons?

Our viewers send us lists all the time and this one immediately had us interested. Vinepair.com asked 12 bartenders across the country to share their thoughts on the most underrated bourbon. From major distillers to craft distilleries, the suggestions came from all over. Stay tuned later on in the video for our Patreon suggestions as well! See the article here: https://vinepair.com/articles/wa-bartenders-underrated-bourbon-2023/.

Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon

When it comes to underrated bourbons, there are plenty of options to explore. According to a list compiled by bartenders on vinepair.com, some of the top choices for 2023 include Wild Turkey 101 bourbon, known for its affordable price, flavorful profile, and high proof. Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon is also highly recommended for its reasonable price and 100 proof. Michter’s Small Batch Bourbon makes the list, although it’s acknowledged that it may be slightly pricier compared to other options. Jefferson’s Reserve bourbon, often touted as a popular gift choice, sparks debate as to whether it can truly be considered underrated. Barrel Bourbon, a favorite among bourbon collectors, is agreed upon as an underrated gem for the regular consumer who may not be familiar with it.

Eagle Rare 10 Year Bourbon

On the other hand, Eagle Rare 10 year bourbon, while acknowledged as a good whiskey, is considered too well-known and hard to find to be classified as underrated. Bardstown Fusion number eight also generates mixed opinions on its underrated status. David Nicholson Bourbon Reserve shines as an underrated gem due to its affordability and positive reviews. Old Granddad bourbon, especially the bonded version, is mentioned as an underrated option despite its popularity among bourbon enthusiasts.

David Nicholson Reserve Bourbon

The remaining bourbons on the list hail from craft distilleries, which are lauded for continuously improving and producing impressive whiskeys. These include New Southern Revival Jimmy Red Bourbon, Tattersall Distillings Wheated Bottled in Bond Bourbon, Old 55 Sweet Corn Bourbon, Woodinville, and Driftless Glenn Single Barrel Bourbon.

Baker's 7 Bourbon

Here are some underrated favorite bourbons suggested by our Patreon supporters. Jim Beam bottles take the spotlight in this discussion, with notable mentions including Baker’s 7 for its rich flavors and mouthfeel, and Legent, a collaboration that piques curiosity. Russell’s Reserve 10 is hailed as a “desert island bottle” and preferred over Eagle Rare 10-year in a blind tasting due to its superior flavor. JTS Brown, an affordable Heaven Hill Bottled in Bond Bourbon, impresses with its flavor for the price point. Lastly, Cooper’s Craft Barrel Reserve from Brown-Forman is praised for its oak flavor and vanilla profile, and is enjoyed as a surprise for guests due to its affordable price.

Cooper's Craft Barrel Reserve Bourbon

From the inclusion of craft distilleries to the affordability of certain bourbons, there is a world of underrated options to explore and enjoy. Whether you prefer the classics or are open to trying something new, these bourbons offer a range of flavors and qualities deserving of recognition.

What's the Most Underrated Bourbon?